Relive will go viral

Every now and then in my daily life i come across things that i know are game changers.

YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Uber, Deliveroo…and the list goes on. As soon as i start using the app/service, i know it will become a hit.

Relive is one of those Apps. Soon there will be millions using this App.

If you want to know, just have a quick look at a run i completed the other day, link below. All i had to do was connect my running device to the Relive App and the rest is done for me.

Enjoy my run here.

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Running Monday Motivation!

It’s that time of week again!

A new day, a new week. Feeling the Monday blues? Need a pick-up?

Every journey starts with the first steps!

Whatever we are feeling, checkout the latest weekly instalment of the Running Guru update and would love if you Like the video and subscribe to my YouTube channel.


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WEGU – Weekly Exclusive Guru Updates

For a while now i have been toying with an idea to do a weekly YouTube podcast thingy, so last week i decided to start one and called it WEGU!

I had such fun making it and loved all the positive response and feedback, so will hope to keep this going.

If you have not seen the first ever episode, checkout the VLOG below and if you enjoy, please do like and subscribe to my YouTube channel. Thank you!

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I ran a Marathon without talking about it!

Having created an Instagram account solely to record my initial running progress to my first ever half marathon, it would be hard to comprehend how anyone could run a marathon without talking about it?

Below is a brilliant Youtube comedy, which i’m sure a lot of my running and non-running friends can relate to.

Having seen some of the posts on Social Media, i do think some have gone a bit extreme on what they post on their “journey”.

Maybe time to lighten up?

She ran a marathon without talking about it. Genius!

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Running injury – Pit stop!


Pit stop, brakes on!

Being injured has given me lots of time to reflect, well lots of time. Not getting up at 5am for my training runs, means I can stay in bed longer. I still wake up early, that’s my body clock.

Being injured is like a formula 1 driver taking a pit stop. The car needs some more fuel, or a part has worn out and needs replacing. Once you are in the pit, there is no going anywhere until the lollipop man with the brake sign lifts it out of the way and you can go, go like the wind.

I can’t wait to go and fly with the wind like nature intended me to do so.

Meanwhile I carry on doing the running related activities that doesn’t actually involve running. YouTube won’t know what hit it!

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Anyone can run a Marathon!

It was the end of January 2016, and i had already started training for my first Marathon at Brighton in April and was now attending my first group session/training organised by Cancer Research UK.

It was at this event that had two professional coaches from Running With Us, who told us at the very start of the session that “anyone can run a marathon”.

Naturally this caused quite a stir in the room. So they added some context that they could take everyone out of the training room and go out there and then and we would all complete 26.2 miles in a run, jog, walk, crawl. But we would all finish.

Having only recently completed a half marathon back in October, which took a lot out of me and i couldn’t walk properly for about a week, i thought how the hell am i going to do double that distance?!?

After now having completed 3 Marathons, i can now totally agree with Nick and Tom, Anyone can run a Marathon.

The training that we do is to ensure that we can run in what we may regard as a decent time and enjoy the race. How much training you do, is up to you, but you can run 26.2 miles!


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London Marathon Lite

Tomorrow is London Marathon day.

Almost 40,000 runners will be taking on 26.2 miles or 42.2km ish.

Some say the best way to take on a marathon is to break it down to just two 10 mile runs with a 10km run at the end.

Last year i took part in a 10km race around central London, which was great fun. Not only did i get to run around some amazing landmarks in central London, i was also dressed as the Cancer Research UK shoe and filmed it all with my GoPro on a selfie stick.



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Malawi Marathon Man

I have been fortunate enough to meet some amazing people in my life, most of which i have met, have been totally random.

I’m not a journalist or critic or celebrity, so i don’t have a schedule or agenda to meet people for my living, but i do love to meet people!

So when Brendan Rendall messaged me that he was in same area as me, we arranged to meet up and talk running.

Having seen his journey last year, where he ran a marathon every day, for a month, across the full length of Malawi, i felt so inspired. So to finally meet him, was amazing.

Such a down to earth guy, with a great spirit to help those less fortunate than us.

Last year, by running the full length of Malawi, he raised enough money to build a school in Malawi. Such a tremendous achievement.

This year he has a couple of challenges lined up to keep him ticking over till next years epic challenge to run coast to coast Africa!

Its no surprise that he is an ambassador for the 1000 Mile challenge and the National Running Show

Below is a video of his recent talk for the Royal Geographical Society, where he talks about the challenge and experiences he had in the epic run across Malawi.

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Do you to get fit to run, or run to get fit?

A question i often get asked is how were you able to run a Boston qualifying time in such a short period from beginning to run?

I guess there is no simple answer, but one that may be answered from the title of this blog post.

Whilst my level of fitness has increased during my short period of running in past 20 or so months, my fitness level must of already been at a good level to start from.

What i have used to measure my fitness improvement, are these two below:

  1. My VO2 max measurement
  2. My rest heart rate

My VO2 max has increased, which is one of the benefits of training for marathons and my rest heart rate has greatly reduced.

But both these figures can be improved without the need to run. You can swim, row or cycle. All of which would greatly improve your fitness levels without the impact to your joints caused by running.

As with all training to give you great results, you have to be consistent. Going for one long swim a week is not as beneficial as going 3 or 4 times a week and doing shorter swims. Little and often.

So for me, my running friends, you could say that i got myself fit to run and now i run to get fitter!

Below is my VLOG of Frankfurt Marathon, where i ran my first Boston Marathon qualifier time.

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Is London Marathon overrated?

Now before anyone starts shouting at me and telling me how amazing London Marathon is, i know it is amazing and have been there supporting the runners on a number of occasions.

But what stirred me to write this blog, was a number of comments I saw on social media as people are getting ready now for their London marathon, a number of comments were made, albeit prefaced with saying it’s possibly controversial, saying that they think London Marathon is overrated.

Apparently for this years London Marathon, over 250,000 people applied for a ballot place. That’s a lot!

Considering it is not the biggest marathon in the world, which is New York, that had approximately 90,000 applications for ballot places this year.

Why so many apply for London? Is it the chance of fame being on national TV? Is it for a challenge of a lifetime or raising money for a worthy charity/cause? Is it for bragging rights to say ‘i completed London Marathon’?

If it was to do a challenge by running a Marathon or raising money for a charity, there are dozens of Marathon races in UK and 100’s worldwide we can all enter by just paying and you’re in! No ballot, no waiting.

I saw one message that was asking how long the Paris Marathon ballot takes to notify people if they get a place, they were later shocked to find out that all they had to do was go online and pay for an automatic place.

I am very much looking forward to taking part in my first London Marathon in 2018, provided my qualifying time still applies from my second marathon last October in Frankfurt.

Completing any marathon is a tremendous achievement, so whether London Marathon is overrated or not, is a matter of opinion.

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