Brighton Marathon Training – Pre-Week 1

And so it begins, well before the beginning. Apparently marathon training starts 16 weeks before the race day. My first marathon will be the Brighton Marathon on Sunday 17th April 2016, so i guess i’m starting early.

Since i registered, i now get a weekly email update and on last weeks update it mentions that week 1 does not start till first week in January, but it is useful to have a 60 or 90 minute run under your belt before then.

Well, on Sunday 27th December, which is my main runday, i completed 12km around the hills of the Lenches in Worcestershire in just over an hour. There was times where it felt very sluggish for me in the fine drizzle rain, but i felt great when i finished.

This morning i ran 6km in the bright sunshine, but quite cold. Felt sluggish again, but i guess i’m missing the daily walk to and from work, gym for rowing and Yoga. Once holidays finish in new year i will be back to my regular routine. So lets see how i get on then.

After all, when i grow up, i want to be a marathon runner.

When i grow up i want to be a marathon runner

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