Week Six! #FirstLongRun – London Marathon Training

I managed to do the longest run of the training plan so far this week! (10 miles)

This is what I learned…

1. Find a decent and varied route to run. I pretty much ran around the park 10 times which got pretty boring, pretty fast!

2. Layers are super important – it was great to take my jacket off after a few miles and for it to be lightweight enough to just tie around my waist (good old Addidas!)

3. Don’t make the first mile mega fast. It took me ages to recover and I felt as though I couldn’t maintain a pace for the rest of the run.

4. A decent sports bra is super important (even if you have small boobs!)

5. Run earlier in the day! I did my 10 mile run mid afternoon and it was super tough to get motivated

6. Make a decent playlist beforehand. I’m sure I spent the first two miles faffing around with my tunes.

I’ve also taken up swimming as we are hosting another charity event on Feb 20th which involves swimming 34 lengths of a 25m pool. I’m not the strongest swimmer but I haven’t drowned (yet!)

Also, mini eggs are my new refuel food! My husband has been using them to motivate me run more. And it’s been awesome.

Week 7 looks seriously intense and I really need to step up my game as the marathon gets closer and closer.

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