Week Seven – #TheWellnessChallenge – London Marathon Training

This is the week I thought I had pulled a lung! But it turned out to be a gross chest infection…

Despite the stuffy head and tight chest I persevered with my training and took in some wonderful views whilst running 10 miles! My timing is still slow and I find myself having to walk/run quite a lot which is frustrating as I feel as though I have been running forever and should be better.

So I went home and reviewed my Strava data, here’s what I discovered:

  1. When I ran the Half Marathon last October I didn’t stop once and my time was 10:31 a mile and to be honest if i managed to run the Marathon at 10 minute miles i would be well happy!
  2. My long runs are usually done on an empty stomach with no hydration along the way… So fatigue sets in pretty early. This is due to the fact I want to get my run over and done with as I have a million and one things to do. Lesson learned. Time to make a running plan and schedule in some fuel.
  3. Like an absolute rookie I run my first mile way too fast and struggle to catch up

And two new running lessons that I discovered…

  1. There is no reason to wear fancy pants on a long run… all that lace will only result in some uncomfortable chafing
  2. It’s time to invest in some wireless headphones as I spend two miles untangling myself!

Moreover, my place of work have set up a Wellness Challenge where we have teams set up and have to exercise, eat fruit and vegetables to score points (and win prizes!). This is where my competitive edge really came out (and the fear of letting my team down) and it even forced me to work out!

But I have 12 weeks to go! (My sister enlightened me whilst we were stuffing our faces in nandos).

Time to step up my training, nutrition and sleep patterns!

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