Week Eight! London Marathon Training

One thing I’ve discovered whilst running is that there is a lot of crazy stuff randomly left around… Like a frying pan! This just goes to show how little attention I’m paying to my breathing, posture and actual running.

I’ve also taken up swimming as my family are hosting a #Swim4Dips challenge on February 20th. We will be swimming 34 (25m) lengths to commemorate the birthday of Dips who would have been 34 this year! It’s much harder than I remember from my days at school but I’m totally loving the sauna and steam rooms!

I’ve also exceeded my fundraising goal which has made me beyond happy, so THANK YOU to everyone for their kind words and donations.

Over the weekend I was lucky enough to be invited to the London Marathon ‘meet the experts’ event. I learned so many amazing things and picked up some awesome goodies. Check out my next blog post to see my top take aways from the day.

My ballot for the Great North Run was also accepted! I can’t believe I’m even thinking about what runs I can do post marathon.

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