Week Eleven – London Marathon Training

It has been a busy, busy week! We are hosting a fundraising event for cardiac risk in the young on Friday for 450+ guests.

So training has been a challenge whilst getting raffle gifts, tickets and auctions together. As well as organise seating arrangements and table settings! But the money we raise will go towards testing hearts for defects so it’ll all be worth it.

I’m so happy I managed to run 15 miles! A little slower than my intended marathon pace but at least it’s done.

I learned from my 12 mile run two weeks ago and bought a seamless running bra (bye bye chafing!), a smaller water bottle which has an easy to hold handle and instead of running around the same old block, I did a tour of the city which I filmed to make the run slightly more fun.

My thighs were seriously sore the next day though.

I also learned why you should avoid alcohol whilst training over the weekend when we went to see the UFC.

My husband thought tequila would be a great idea (not for someone who hasn’t drank since last September)! It seriously destroyed me and wrote two days of my training plan off. But it highlighted how toxic alcohol actually is for the body!

Sticking to my water for hydration going forward.

Another 15 miles planned for next week! Bring it.

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