Week Twelve – London Marathon Training

This week our fundraising group raised an incredible £10,293.11 for Cardiac Risk in the Young!

We had over 400 guests at the stunning Grand Station in Wolverhampton. The four course dinner was kindly supplied by Jolly Catering and the Mayor even presented our volunteers with their awards. It was a special evening and I’m so proud of all our volunteers and guests.

We had a grand old time! But it did put a hold on my training which is so not good. Also, the day after I came down with sinus congestion, sickness and headaches. Mixed with fatigue and general exhaustion my mind and body were just not up to well, anything! It’s frustrating as I’m still not 100% and I’ve not ran in two weeks.
But, I did learn your body can overrule any training plan and it’s important to love and repeat the whispers. Here’s hoping to a better next week!

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