Why am i not doing the Marcothon challenge?

Having been running for only 17 months, you may understand more why i’m not taking part in this challenge.

I first heard about this challenge on Instagram, like a lot of my running knowledge and experiences are from there.

When i Googled Marcothon, it came up with a lot of results and is quite inspirational, but it’s not for me. Running everyday for me would take out the fun that i enjoy with each run and looking forward to the hard training runs and also enjoying the rest days and cross-training days.

On Google i also found this blog post, about why the author of that post is also not taking part.

He goes into lot of depth how it all started and who created it. I will leave you to read that blog post and all the detail. But in summary, it was created by a guy who wanted to motivate HIMSELF to keep running and was already a TOP Ultra-marathon runner, so running 3 miles everyday for 1 month would of been like a stroll in the park for him.

To run everyday takes a lot of physical strength and i take my hat off to everyone who runs everyday for the month of December and thoroughly enjoys every minute, of every run, everyday.

And when you are done, maybe you can do a run movie trailer like the one below?


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