Marathon training for beginners

Having completed my first marathon this year in April at Brighton, one of my biggest worries was how much training should i do?

What kind of training should i do?

For me and what is beginning to be widely accepted, only three runs a week are needed. For some old school coaching and training, they may say you need to build up a lot of mileage each week to be able to complete the full 26.2 miles.

Why do i say only 3 runs?

The simple facts, as a beginner in particular, our bodies need time to recover.

Rather than running hundreds of miles each week and getting lots of injuries in process, why not run less and run smart?

The three runs can consist of sprint training session, hill running training and a long run.

There are a myriad of beginner marathon training plans you can download from the web. Find one that best suits your daily plans and adapt them to suit you.

For me the training has to be of top quality and intensity with a lot of rest and recovery time.

Below is the VLOG i made of my first ever marathon this year. Such great memories and all on just 3 training runs per week.


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