Positive, humorous and inspires me to run!

Positive, humorous and inspires me to run. Not the kind of words i would associated with myself when i started running, or would of thought anyone would be saying about me!

Having only been running a short while, it still surprises me how much i inspire and motivate so many people from all sorts of backgrounds from around the world.

I often get private messages and some comment on my Social Media posts or YouTube VLOGs, but the other day i saw this on a blog post:

Here’s the link to a great vlog from the run guru, of Sunday’s race, which I’m excited to say I’m featured in!! If you don’t follow him on Instagram or youtube, go and do it now! He’s a really positive person, with a great sense of humor and really inspires me to run!

Unbeknown to me, when i collected my medal at the end of Reading Half Marathon last week, one of my Social media followers was one of the people i hugged and kissed!

Her name is Emma and you can read her full blog post of her experience at Reading Half Marathon “on the other side” here.

As you can imagine, having read her wonderful comments, it made me feel really good inside knowing that i have a daily positive impact in peoples lives.

Keep spreading the Guru love.

Below is the VLOG of the reading half where i fist met Emma, who then blogged about me.

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