Pains, strains and immobilisation

Holy frustrations, i have an injury to deal with literally weeks before my next big race, the Brighton Marathon on 9th April.

I’m sure it has happened for a reason, but right now i feel very frustrated that i can’t go out and run and feeling anxious about losing my race pace and the possibility of not being able to run the race at all.

But i remain optimistic with 11 days to go, that with the correct rest, some trips to physio and some swimming i will be race ready by Sunday 9th April.

How this happened is a series of events that all contributed to me falling off the rails.

Being so new to running, i still have a lot to learn. Freezing to death waiting for a race to start is not a good idea, which is what happened at Reading half Marathon last week. So much for the weather forecast!

I guess one BIG lesson for me right now is patience and i think i need a bucket load right now!


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