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Week Twelve – London Marathon Training

This week our fundraising group raised an incredible £10,293.11 for Cardiac Risk in the Young!

We had over 400 guests at the stunning Grand Station in Wolverhampton. The four course dinner was kindly supplied by Jolly Catering and the Mayor even presented our volunteers with their awards. It was a special evening and I’m so proud of all our volunteers and guests.

We had a grand old time! But it did put a hold on my training which is so not good. Also, the day after I came down with sinus congestion, sickness and headaches. Mixed with fatigue and general exhaustion my mind and body were just not up to well, anything! It’s frustrating as I’m still not 100% and I’ve not ran in two weeks.
But, I did learn your body can overrule any training plan and it’s important to love and repeat the whispers. Here’s hoping to a better next week!

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Meet The Experts – London Marathon Training

I was fortunate to attend the ‘Meet The Experts’ event in London a few weeks ago where I learned loads of amazing facts to support my marathon training and I ended up with loads of LDN marathon merchandise (which I spent a small fortune on but I justified each item!)

After some serious train issues (I basically caught the wrong one!) I only ended up catching the afternoon which I was gutted about but I still took away loads of information.

Guest Speaker Sam Murphy:

If you have a break due to injury or illness, don’t play catch up. Just start where you left off

Schedule rest days. Don’t leave it up to chance. This will give your body time to rest and recover which will allow it to get stronger.

Strength training is a must as it will help your body get stronger and withstand extra stress.

Minimise injury by running on a variety of terrain.

Run with a good posture. Imagine a helium balloon over your head! Keep shoulder straight, hands relaxed and be light and quick on your feet.

The warm up is super important. (Oh man. I never do this!) it lubricates joints and gets the heart pumping.

Nutrition by Anita Bean

Hydration. Prevents dehydration. Won’t get headache or fatigue. Dehydration can cause stress on heart and lungs – makes them work harder. Throughout the day – drink 1.5l of water. Little and often a day. 500ml – 4hrs before you run.

What to do after the training. Rehydrate. Refuel carbs and protein (3:1) within 2 hour recovery window if twice a day. Rebuild. 20g of protein. What to have? 20h protein. 500ml of milk. Chocolate milk. Milk and banana. 50g of nuts and 250g yoghurt.

Pre run meal 2-4 hours before. Increases endurance. Delays fatigue. Make it a carb and protein one. Rice and chicken. Or pre run snack 30-60 min before hand. Porridge. Banana. If you do a pre breakfast run keep it sub 1hour.

Match energy intake and output. Inadequate energy will result in muscle loss, fatigue and poor performance. The longer and harder you train the more carbs you need to fuel muscles. 5-7g per kg of your body weight a day. That’s if you train for one/two hours a day. What does that look like? Low carbs will mean low glycogen and slow recovery with early fatigue. Eat 72g-108g of protein a day. After training to recover. Drink more water. A lot more.

Race day prep. Taper training. Increase carbs (7-10g) for final three days. Plain food. Keep well hydrated. Cut down on high fats. Don’t try anything new.

RACE DAY! Wake up three or four hrs before hand. Drink 500ml water 4h before. Eat high carb breakfast. Porridge with milk and bananas. Toast milk and yoghurt. Eggs on toast. One hour before have a banana. Eat proton and carbs. Sustainable energy. Make a home made oat bar.

During the race. Stick with what you’ve trained with. After an hour have 30-60g carb. Jelly babies. Drink to your thirst.

After the race. Rehydrate little and often. Refuel. Rebuild.

I am yet to put most these tips into practise. However the hydration, warming up and refuel tips were the most beneficial!

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Week Eleven – London Marathon Training

It has been a busy, busy week! We are hosting a fundraising event for cardiac risk in the young on Friday for 450+ guests.

So training has been a challenge whilst getting raffle gifts, tickets and auctions together. As well as organise seating arrangements and table settings! But the money we raise will go towards testing hearts for defects so it’ll all be worth it.

I’m so happy I managed to run 15 miles! A little slower than my intended marathon pace but at least it’s done.

I learned from my 12 mile run two weeks ago and bought a seamless running bra (bye bye chafing!), a smaller water bottle which has an easy to hold handle and instead of running around the same old block, I did a tour of the city which I filmed to make the run slightly more fun.

My thighs were seriously sore the next day though.

I also learned why you should avoid alcohol whilst training over the weekend when we went to see the UFC.

My husband thought tequila would be a great idea (not for someone who hasn’t drank since last September)! It seriously destroyed me and wrote two days of my training plan off. But it highlighted how toxic alcohol actually is for the body!

Sticking to my water for hydration going forward.

Another 15 miles planned for next week! Bring it.

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Week Ten – 60 Days To Go To London Marathon

60 days until the London marathon and I am a little freaked out!
My training plan didn’t consist of too many long runs this week (8 miles being the longest) which was good as our main focus was swimming!

The CRYWolves team got together and hosted an incredible Swimathon. We raised £1200 for cardiac risk in the young and swam 850 metres in memory of my husbands late brother Dips. Not only was it an emotional event but it also showed me how incredible the work we do is.

If we can stop another family from losing a loved one then all the aches, pains, stitches and blisters are totally worth it.

Moreover, I had my first deep tissue massage which was sensational and stopped me from walking around like an old lady.


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Week Nine – London Marathon Training

This was the week I managed to conquer 12 miles!

It was way harder than I thought it was going to be and it’s totes my fault. Here’s what I learned:

  • I need a decent sports bra. Chafing is not the one!
  • A better route is required. The same old route is mega dull and running past the same old Bingo centre fails to inspire me.
  • Invest in a smaller water bottle. I barely drank half of it (which probably isn’t a good thing) and it felt as though I was carrying a brick around with me.
  • The pace was slower than the last time I ran that kind of distance (last October) which irritate me. But I managed to get out of bed the next day which was a success compared to last time
  • I woke up twice in the night with leg cramp… Teaches me for not stretching

But I’m pretty proud of this week as I managed to follow my training plan and got in some cheeky swims despite having some pretty major dentistry work done.

Let’s see what next week has in store!

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Week Eight! London Marathon Training

One thing I’ve discovered whilst running is that there is a lot of crazy stuff randomly left around… Like a frying pan! This just goes to show how little attention I’m paying to my breathing, posture and actual running.

I’ve also taken up swimming as my family are hosting a #Swim4Dips challenge on February 20th. We will be swimming 34 (25m) lengths to commemorate the birthday of Dips who would have been 34 this year! It’s much harder than I remember from my days at school but I’m totally loving the sauna and steam rooms!

I’ve also exceeded my fundraising goal which has made me beyond happy, so THANK YOU to everyone for their kind words and donations.

Over the weekend I was lucky enough to be invited to the London Marathon ‘meet the experts’ event. I learned so many amazing things and picked up some awesome goodies. Check out my next blog post to see my top take aways from the day.

My ballot for the Great North Run was also accepted! I can’t believe I’m even thinking about what runs I can do post marathon.

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Week Seven – #TheWellnessChallenge – London Marathon Training

This is the week I thought I had pulled a lung! But it turned out to be a gross chest infection…

Despite the stuffy head and tight chest I persevered with my training and took in some wonderful views whilst running 10 miles! My timing is still slow and I find myself having to walk/run quite a lot which is frustrating as I feel as though I have been running forever and should be better.

So I went home and reviewed my Strava data, here’s what I discovered:

  1. When I ran the Half Marathon last October I didn’t stop once and my time was 10:31 a mile and to be honest if i managed to run the Marathon at 10 minute miles i would be well happy!
  2. My long runs are usually done on an empty stomach with no hydration along the way… So fatigue sets in pretty early. This is due to the fact I want to get my run over and done with as I have a million and one things to do. Lesson learned. Time to make a running plan and schedule in some fuel.
  3. Like an absolute rookie I run my first mile way too fast and struggle to catch up

And two new running lessons that I discovered…

  1. There is no reason to wear fancy pants on a long run… all that lace will only result in some uncomfortable chafing
  2. It’s time to invest in some wireless headphones as I spend two miles untangling myself!

Moreover, my place of work have set up a Wellness Challenge where we have teams set up and have to exercise, eat fruit and vegetables to score points (and win prizes!). This is where my competitive edge really came out (and the fear of letting my team down) and it even forced me to work out!

But I have 12 weeks to go! (My sister enlightened me whilst we were stuffing our faces in nandos).

Time to step up my training, nutrition and sleep patterns!

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Week Six! #FirstLongRun – London Marathon Training

I managed to do the longest run of the training plan so far this week! (10 miles)

This is what I learned…

1. Find a decent and varied route to run. I pretty much ran around the park 10 times which got pretty boring, pretty fast!

2. Layers are super important – it was great to take my jacket off after a few miles and for it to be lightweight enough to just tie around my waist (good old Addidas!)

3. Don’t make the first mile mega fast. It took me ages to recover and I felt as though I couldn’t maintain a pace for the rest of the run.

4. A decent sports bra is super important (even if you have small boobs!)

5. Run earlier in the day! I did my 10 mile run mid afternoon and it was super tough to get motivated

6. Make a decent playlist beforehand. I’m sure I spent the first two miles faffing around with my tunes.

I’ve also taken up swimming as we are hosting another charity event on Feb 20th which involves swimming 34 lengths of a 25m pool. I’m not the strongest swimmer but I haven’t drowned (yet!)

Also, mini eggs are my new refuel food! My husband has been using them to motivate me run more. And it’s been awesome.

Week 7 looks seriously intense and I really need to step up my game as the marathon gets closer and closer.

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Week Five – London Marathon Training

It’s super cold in the UK… We’ve even had snow! Ok… It was all of 2mm and ended up turning into ice but still! 

My soon to be brother-in-law Jon is also running his first marathon this year so we decided to go on a run together! Which seemed like a great idea until half a mile in I realised he was on a whole different league and I was just slowing him down. Although he did push me to do my fastest ever mile (8 minutes!)

Which taught me a valuable lesson… It’s ok to get my heart racing, in fact it’s probably good to push my body and engines to make them stronger (it also helps to keep me warm!)

After falling over once and slipping twice I decided to wait for the weather to get slightly better and signed up for a 10k fun run.

But I ended up missing it because like an absolute doofus I locked myself out of my car whilst putting in petrol. What’s even worse is that I actually didn’t lock myself out (just the passenger door was shut and I panicked without checking the driver side – awkward conversation with the RAC man) and in fact I just wasted an hour of my life and missed out on a run.

My first 10 mile run is scheduled in for next week and I’m a little nervous as I remember not being able to walk for almost three days after running the half marathon!

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Week Four – London Marathon Training

You would have thought being the start of January and with everyone ‘on it’ that finding inspiration to run would have been easy… But no.

My year started with a tooth extraction (damn those mince pies and selection boxes!)

And it’s cold. Really cold. Despite being a UK resident all my life I’m still not used to the dark, nippy mornings.

Fundraising Update:

Some of you may be aware that a Golden Bond runner for the LDN marathon has to raise a minimum amount for their charity. Mine is £1850 (my goal is £2016) which has its own challenges this time of year as everyone has spent their money over the Holidays and are now living on tinned goods.

Therefore, I’ve held off asking for donations until payday (I’m nice like that) but still wanted to make people aware of what I was doing and what the charity CRY is all about.

Last weekend my incredible friend Angie allowed me to host an awareness weekend at her gym open day. Although she did not appreciate the cakes I bought in! Oops.

Our CRYWolves page has almost 400 members and we hope to continue growing.

The Running 

Honestly… Some of the runs have been so slow I may as well have walked.

Some random told me that they felt most alive running in the dark and icy weather (I’m not sure who he was trying to convince). And a massive shout out to my good friend Ant who dragged me out of bed to run 8 miles on a Sunday morning (after consuming nandos and dominos the night before!) It highlighted the benefit of training with someone better than me as he pushed me to go faster and longer.

In hope of being better next week I’ve organised my runs and put them into my schedule as I found this beneficial over the #Festive50 challenge to ensure I got my miles in!

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