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London Marathon Lite

Tomorrow is London Marathon day.

Almost 40,000 runners will be taking on 26.2 miles or 42.2km ish.

Some say the best way to take on a marathon is to break it down to just two 10 mile runs with a 10km run at the end.

Last year i took part in a 10km race around central London, which was great fun. Not only did i get to run around some amazing landmarks in central London, i was also dressed as the Cancer Research UK shoe and filmed it all with my GoPro on a selfie stick.



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Do you to get fit to run, or run to get fit?

A question i often get asked is how were you able to run a Boston qualifying time in such a short period from beginning to run?

I guess there is no simple answer, but one that may be answered from the title of this blog post.

Whilst my level of fitness has increased during my short period of running in past 20 or so months, my fitness level must of already been at a good level to start from.

What i have used to measure my fitness improvement, are these two below:

  1. My VO2 max measurement
  2. My rest heart rate

My VO2 max has increased, which is one of the benefits of training for marathons and my rest heart rate has greatly reduced.

But both these figures can be improved without the need to run. You can swim, row or cycle. All of which would greatly improve your fitness levels without the impact to your joints caused by running.

As with all training to give you great results, you have to be consistent. Going for one long swim a week is not as beneficial as going 3 or 4 times a week and doing shorter swims. Little and often.

So for me, my running friends, you could say that i got myself fit to run and now i run to get fitter!

Below is my VLOG of Frankfurt Marathon, where i ran my first Boston Marathon qualifier time.

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Are you up for the challenge? #runwithguru

For those of you who have been following me from the beginning of my running journey will know that when I run, I run for fun.

Also, I had set myself a series of challenges over 5 years to celebrate my 55 years on this earth and that I am happy to be alive.

It’s called #55alive and the challenge is simply to get everyone to be more active.

In just a short period of time, many thousands have already been inspired to be more active, not just physically, but also mentally.

As part of one the challenges I want to run with as many people as possible.

I have already met many of you, ran with many of you and eat with many of you.

In my life so far, i have been fortunate enough to have travelled to over 30 countries around the world and met some amazing people.

I want to combine this years travelling and I want to run with you all, wherever you are in the world!

Who wants to join me on this challenge?


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A new 10k world record!

Mo Farah may be current European, World and Olympic 10k Gold medallist, but it’s time to look at this distance from a new perspective…

After completing my first marathon in April, I have been keeping my body ticking over with some regular training runs and a couple of races.

One of those races was the London 10000 on the day before my birthday.

As it was a short 10k run for me, I thought I would do something different to spice it up, make it more of a challenge for me and also raise some more money for charity.

So I decided to run in the Cancer Research shoe, aka Shoe Barker!

Rachel Speight-McGregor

Rachel Speight-McGregor

Above is a picture of an amazing lady who I met at the Manchester 10k, and has raised tens of thousands of pounds running in this shoe.

The London 10000 is a fabulous race around the best parts of London that you would see during London marathon without having to run the full 42km marathon!

As you can imagine, being dressed as a shoe, gets you lots of attention. The support during the race was amazing as you will see from the VLOG below. I also got to meet some amazing people, some whom had ran in the shoe before and one guy getting a record for 10k of 59:59. I thought it would be amazing if I could also run the distance in under an hour, but had no idea what to do as I had only tried the shoe on once for size and never walked in it before, never mind running!

Somehow I managed to come in with a time of 52:33, which is a new unofficial world record in the shoe. Apparently Guinness Book of records do not recognise 10k as a long enough race to record. Hence unofficial record.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me during my amazing marathon journey and beyond! You can still sponsor me here>>

Hope you enjoy my VLOG of the race below and Subscribe and share it amongst your friends and family!

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Running my first 10k – All the Gear, No idea

Guest blog post by Matt Richardson:

Running my first 10k – All the Gear, No idea

I have never really been that interested in running. Yes I’ve played football, mainly 5 a side, exercised regularly at the gym and occasionally hit a treadmill but outdoor running no. The most I had ever ran before was the JP Morgan Frankfurt city fun which is approx 3km back in 2005 and a 2 mile run as part of a relay team in 2014. Since then I hadn’t ran at all. New Years Day 2016 – I was asked what my New Years resolution will be. My reply was to continue to eat healthily and stay fit by taking on some outdoor running some 5ks, maybe a 10k. I started by running a 5km loop from my home in the first week of January and realised I could pretty much do that without stoping, which surprised me, given that I have had asthma all my life too. I then signed up for a 5km park run and enjoyed it massively achieving a reasonable time too. I was late in signing up to the London winter run 10k, but was convinced to do it by @RunGuruRun. When mentioning it in the office we gained more people interested people that fancied giving it a go and before we knew it we had a team of 5, which turned into a team of 11 eventually.
Saturday 30th Jan
In preparation for the run I made sure I was hydrated throughout Saturday, took on some carbs (which was tough for me as I have recently adopted a low carb lifestyle), then next challenge was going to sleep. I wanted to have a good nights sleep to a) get up nice and early for it, but this proved difficult as I was fretting that I would sleep past my alarm on Sunday morning and not get up for the 5:45target.
Sunday 31st Jan – The day of the run
5:45 arrived and I was wide awake.

I had arranged all my gear the night before so it was a case of putting things together, grabbing some porridge and a banana and leaving for the train up to London. The train journey was lively, I was surprised as to how many runners were sitting on the train, drinking coffee and eating bananas.

The setting for the run was fantastic and well organised in Trafalgar Square in London, on arrival 100s of people were taking things very seriously and there was a huge outdoor warm up routine going on involving event organisers, runners and spectators – stretching and keeping warm (in the drizzly rain).
The run itself was great fun, we managed to combine as a group of runners and join the first wave of runners at the start, rubbing shoulders with the elite athletes. I was joined stride by stride by the Dynamo that is @RunGuruRun, he gave me motivation and comedy along the 10k and definitely helped achieve the time that we made it in. Every 1k @RunGuruRun would remind us of our pace and show us that we were on course for achieving a very respectable first 10k time.
It was a sprint to the finish line and we were cheered on my hundreds of people, we did it – in 49:32 all in all a brilliant experience.
Below is a video of my experience by @RunGuruRun

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It’s all in the mind

We often hear the phrase, “it’s all in the mind”, but what does it all mean?

A colleague of mine told me at the weekend he went out for a 10k run and completed it in around 56 minutes, which may not sound amazing to regular runners, but to a non-runner, which he is, this is an amazing time.

I asked him because he hadn’t been running in a long time and also, in his own words he used to be a little fatty, he believes anyone with any reasonable level of fitness can run a 10k in under an hour.

I asked him, how can that be? As many regular runners i know aspire to run a 10k in under an hour.

He told me, “it’s all in the mind. If you believe you can, you can”. He’s not paid as a motivational speaker, he just goes out and does it.

My first 10k which i ran back in July 2015, i completed in 55 minutes. My last 10k i ran in December 2015 i completed in 44 minutes.

In the words of a famous sports brand. Just do it!


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