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Born to Run – The Secrets of Kenyan Athletes

Oh how serendipity works.

After only having recently posted about Born to Run, i was sent a link to a documentary about the Kenyan secrets.

This is a fascinating documentary of how it seems one area in Kenya produces champion after champion.

I don’t think there is any secrets.

Have a look here, and see what you think?

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Born to Run

What a great song, Born to run.

We were born to run: nobody wins, unless everybody wins.

That is the intro Bruce Springstein gives for his song, Born to run, which you can enjoy in video below.

For me it is also a mantra for running. We can all win. It’s not about who comes first in a race, wins medals or gets new PB/PR.

It’s the taking part and the sheer joy of running.

That is why, we were born to run.

What are you waiting for?


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