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Week Five – London Marathon Training

It’s super cold in the UK… We’ve even had snow! Ok… It was all of 2mm and ended up turning into ice but still! 

My soon to be brother-in-law Jon is also running his first marathon this year so we decided to go on a run together! Which seemed like a great idea until half a mile in I realised he was on a whole different league and I was just slowing him down. Although he did push me to do my fastest ever mile (8 minutes!)

Which taught me a valuable lesson… It’s ok to get my heart racing, in fact it’s probably good to push my body and engines to make them stronger (it also helps to keep me warm!)

After falling over once and slipping twice I decided to wait for the weather to get slightly better and signed up for a 10k fun run.

But I ended up missing it because like an absolute doofus I locked myself out of my car whilst putting in petrol. What’s even worse is that I actually didn’t lock myself out (just the passenger door was shut and I panicked without checking the driver side – awkward conversation with the RAC man) and in fact I just wasted an hour of my life and missed out on a run.

My first 10 mile run is scheduled in for next week and I’m a little nervous as I remember not being able to walk for almost three days after running the half marathon!

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Week Four – London Marathon Training

You would have thought being the start of January and with everyone ‘on it’ that finding inspiration to run would have been easy… But no.

My year started with a tooth extraction (damn those mince pies and selection boxes!)

And it’s cold. Really cold. Despite being a UK resident all my life I’m still not used to the dark, nippy mornings.

Fundraising Update:

Some of you may be aware that a Golden Bond runner for the LDN marathon has to raise a minimum amount for their charity. Mine is £1850 (my goal is £2016) which has its own challenges this time of year as everyone has spent their money over the Holidays and are now living on tinned goods.

Therefore, I’ve held off asking for donations until payday (I’m nice like that) but still wanted to make people aware of what I was doing and what the charity CRY is all about.

Last weekend my incredible friend Angie allowed me to host an awareness weekend at her gym open day. Although she did not appreciate the cakes I bought in! Oops.

Our CRYWolves page has almost 400 members and we hope to continue growing.

The Running 

Honestly… Some of the runs have been so slow I may as well have walked.

Some random told me that they felt most alive running in the dark and icy weather (I’m not sure who he was trying to convince). And a massive shout out to my good friend Ant who dragged me out of bed to run 8 miles on a Sunday morning (after consuming nandos and dominos the night before!) It highlighted the benefit of training with someone better than me as he pushed me to go faster and longer.

In hope of being better next week I’ve organised my runs and put them into my schedule as I found this beneficial over the #Festive50 challenge to ensure I got my miles in!

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Week Three – #Festive50 – London Marathon Training

#Festive50 Challenge

So after a rocky week two of training, my awesome friend suggested a challenge to keep me motivated. Inspired by the Festive 500 challenge on Strava (where you cycle 500km from Christmas Eve to NYE) he proposed I do a Festive50, where I run 50km during that time period. (He managed to do both challenges! – insane)

It seemed simple enough. Until I realised I would have to actually do it.

Day 1: Christmas Eve. I didn’t get a wink of sleep and woke up with a snotty nose and stuffy head. My pre – work run was a total fail and I was already behind before I had even begun.

Day 2: Christmas Day. My family thought I had gone insane, instead of opening gifts I put on my running shoes and Christmas hat on (see middle photo above) and went for a 5 mile run. The roads were super quiet and people were shouting ‘Merry Christmas’ from their cars to me! Fun. Fun!

Day 3: Boxing Day. Had a horrid head cold and had to stop each mile to blow my nose (too much info I know, sorry!) But I managed to get 6 miles in to make up for my lost Christmas Eve

Day 4: Went for a run around my original neighbourhood, loved seeing familiar streets but felt like a total dork when a neighbour caught me taking a picture of their tree. Cringe!

Day 5: Today I lost a tooth to a chewy sweet!! LOST A TOOTH! Argh… An emergency dentist appointment didn’t stop me from doing a 4 mile jog round the block though. A massive thank you to my sister who came along to make sure I was ok.

Day 6: Dragged the husband out for a late night 5 mile run. It was such a cold and windy evening and we were shattered after work but felt good to get the miles ticked off.

Day 7: Now it was getting tough. I had to wake up super early to get another 5 miles in (it’s still dark at 7am!) my calves, shins and knees were starting to ache and all I wanted to do was get back under my covers and snooze.

Day 8: New Year’s Eve. Whilst the rest of the world was starting it’s celebrations I was determined to get my last 3 miles in. I almost danced the last mile as I was so excited to complete the challenge.

What I learned for my Marathon training: 

Create a plan: With work, social events, unexpected life dramas – I would need to create a schedule to stay on track with my marathon training

Prioritise: Going for a drink with friends is way more appealing than a 10k run in the cold, windy December weather. These are the times I have to remember why I am raising funds to do this challenge and how important all these runs will be when it comes to the main event.

Keep it fun! Running buddies, playlists, fun hats – whatever it takes to make it an enjoyable experience. I sometimes get super disheartened when I have to slow down or walk a part of my run, but I need to remember, I’m not a super woman and I’ll get there eventually.

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My aim was always to run the London Marathon for Cardiac Risk in the Young.

Every week 12 young people in the UK die of undiagnosed heart conditions. The charity CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young) have been working to reduce this risk, offer support to families and to fund medical research.

We have set up a local fundraising group called CRY Wolves and our aim is to raise money to host screening events for young adults aged 14-35 to prevent cardiac abnormalities and help save lives.

My aim is to raise £2016.00 by running the London Marathon, with some serious help from my incredible friends and family. 

Local businesses are a fantastic way to raise awareness and funds! Beauty Within in Penn, Wolverhampton hosted an event alongside CRYWolves where we sold cupcakes, hosted an awesome raffle and some very brave male volunteers let the ladies wax their chests!!

Not only was it the most hilarious charity event we have ever been a part of, it really allowed us to connect with our local community and we raised over £1500. I can not thank Jacqui and her team enough.

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Week Two – London Marathon Training

The second week of my London Marathon training has been atrocious! 

I went to one Core class at Fusion Fitness and discovered I have no core strength (I also expected to wake up the following day with a six pack – which never happened)

To my surprise I managed a slow and erratic 10K run after a night out trying to dance in inappropriate shoes and on top of my little activity there has been a lot of junk food, (I was devastated to discover Krispy Kremes aren’t the right kind of carb loading).

Here’s hoping I have a better week three, although being Christmas week I already have my concerns.

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Week One – London Marathon Training


Getting out of bed and getting my gym gear is on is by far the hardest part of my work out. Especially as the mornings are so dark and cold.

Nonetheless, if I don’t get out and train I know I’ll end up regretting it in April. I’m already part of a gym called Fusion Fitness where I can take classes to work my core strength, boxing and various boot camps. I love the variety of these classes and the family – like feel keeps me motivated.

However the running this week wasn’t as much fun. I decided to keep it slow and simple; three miles around the block.

I’ve not really done much running since the half marathon and oh my gosh it was toughgetting back into it.

I started off too fast and ended up needing to walk after five minutes, I wore the wrong clothes and ended up feeling hot and bothered and like a noob I didn’t grip my hair back so the wind kept it constantly in my face!

And then halfway through my runs it always rained even if it wasn’t forecast to! What gives?! 

The smile in the photo below is absolutely fake! 

But at least I competed week one of my training… I probably should have done more runs than workouts but at least it’s a start.

On a side note… Treadmill running sucks. Like really sucks! It was the most soulless running experience of my entire life and I somehow ended up deleting all my music halfway through the run.

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The London Marathon

Every week at least 12 young people die of undiagnosed heart conditions.

CRY Wolves has been set up by volunteers in the West Midlands to raise money and awareness for the charity Cardiac Risk in the Young. We raise funds to host screening events for young people so that no family has to suffer the loss of a loved one.

We have hosted various events such as Dinner and Dances, Cycling through Tibet, Tough Mudder, The Great Run and awareness days with Barclays and Santander.


I am now taking on the London Marathon 2016!

It all began when I foolishly suggested to my fellow volunteers that we should take on The Great Run Birmingham as our group challenge.

A few sweaty runs around the park later, I realised that running is not my forte.

So why sign up to the London Marathon?

A few insane moments after  The Great Run, hungry, dragging my sister over the finish line and with a headache I felt as though I wanted to do it again (crazy, I know).  And I realised no one is going to sponsor me for eating cake, are they?

So here I am. Whilst everyone else is planning their social calendars for the Holiday season, I am trying schedule runs in hope that it won’t be raining. Wishful thinking I know.

This blog will be an area to track my progress, share my running anecdotes and to connect with others.



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