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Malawi Marathon Man

I have been fortunate enough to meet some amazing people in my life, most of which i have met, have been totally random.

I’m not a journalist or critic or celebrity, so i don’t have a schedule or agenda to meet people for my living, but i do love to meet people!

So when Brendan Rendall messaged me that he was in same area as me, we arranged to meet up and talk running.

Having seen his journey last year, where he ran a marathon every day, for a month, across the full length of Malawi, i felt so inspired. So to finally meet him, was amazing.

Such a down to earth guy, with a great spirit to help those less fortunate than us.

Last year, by running the full length of Malawi, he raised enough money to build a school in Malawi. Such a tremendous achievement.

This year he has a couple of challenges lined up to keep him ticking over till next years epic challenge to run coast to coast Africa!

Its no surprise that he is an ambassador for the 1000 Mile challenge and the National Running Show

Below is a video of his recent talk for the Royal Geographical Society, where he talks about the challenge and experiences he had in the epic run across Malawi.

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