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Anyone can run a Marathon!

It was the end of January 2016, and i had already started training for my first Marathon at Brighton in April and was now attending my first group session/training organised by Cancer Research UK.

It was at this event that had two professional coaches from Running With Us, who told us at the very start of the session that “anyone can run a marathon”.

Naturally this caused quite a stir in the room. So they added some context that they could take everyone out of the training room and go out there and then and we would all complete 26.2 miles in a run, jog, walk, crawl. But we would all finish.

Having only recently completed a half marathon back in October, which took a lot out of me and i couldn’t walk properly for about a week, i thought how the hell am i going to do double that distance?!?

After now having completed 3 Marathons, i can now totally agree with Nick and Tom, Anyone can run a Marathon.

The training that we do is to ensure that we can run in what we may regard as a decent time and enjoy the race. How much training you do, is up to you, but you can run 26.2 miles!


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Welcome to My Run Guru

Welcome to My Run Guru!

What is My Run Guru all about and what we seek to achieve can be answered quite simply.

My name is Donato aka The Reluctant Guru and i started running in June 2015, to help inspire others to be more active.

I have never been an athlete of any sort at any stage in my life. In fact, at school i was so bad at all sports, that when the option to elect not to do sports, i chose horticulture in a greenhouse instead, just to keep away from sports activities!

But during my short running journey when i started in June, there has already been many highs, and i have learnt a lot from other runners of all different levels.

I want My Run Guru to be a Community to help people get started in running and for those who have already begun, a place where you can improve and socialise.

If you want to join in and help spread the word and/or share some of your knowledge, feel free to get in touch with us via Twitter or Facebook.

I look forward to hearing your story.

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