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Is London Marathon overrated?

Now before anyone starts shouting at me and telling me how amazing London Marathon is, i know it is amazing and have been there supporting the runners on a number of occasions.

But what stirred me to write this blog, was a number of comments I saw on social media as people are getting ready now for their London marathon, a number of comments were made, albeit prefaced with saying it’s possibly controversial, saying that they think London Marathon is overrated.

Apparently for this years London Marathon, over 250,000 people applied for a ballot place. That’s a lot!

Considering it is not the biggest marathon in the world, which is New York, that had approximately 90,000 applications for ballot places this year.

Why so many apply for London? Is it the chance of fame being on national TV? Is it for a challenge of a lifetime or raising money for a worthy charity/cause? Is it for bragging rights to say ‘i completed┬áLondon Marathon’?

If it was to do a challenge by running a Marathon or┬áraising money for a charity, there are dozens of Marathon races in UK and 100’s worldwide we can all enter by just paying and you’re in! No ballot, no waiting.

I saw one message that was asking how long the Paris Marathon ballot takes to notify people if they get a place, they were later shocked to find out that all they had to do was go online and pay for an automatic place.

I am very much looking forward to taking part in my first London Marathon in 2018, provided my qualifying time still applies from my second marathon last October in Frankfurt.

Completing any marathon is a tremendous achievement, so whether London Marathon is overrated or not, is a matter of opinion.

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Are you ready for your first marathon?

Are you one of the thousands who will be running your first ever marathon this spring?

In the coming months we have dozens of marathons coming up, including Manchester, Paris, Brighton, Boston, London, Belfast, Edinburgh to name just a few.

This time last year, i was coming to last few weeks of training for my first ever marathon at Brighton. I was filled with mixed emotions.

Part of me was thinking that having done the training, i just wanted to get on with it. Another part was scared. Very scared. I had never ran this kind of distance before and was not planning on running a marathon again. Could i finish?

Nothing that i say to you now, or any additional training that you do in last few weeks will have much of an impact for a first timer like i was.

But there is one gem, which i have heard many times and Brendan Foster told me at the Brighton marathon Expo last year and that was start SLOW. Now slow can be different speeds for everyone, so one persons slow could be another persons fast. So you need to decide what pace you will be running at.

As it is your first marathon, you are guaranteed a personal best (PB), so there is no need to stress over what time you will run the race. If you finish and think you could of run faster, you can always try another marathon!

Below is the VLOG i took of my first marathon. I recorded the day as i wanted a souvenir of me running a marathon as i was not planning on running anymore marathons.

I do hope you enjoy the VLOG and whatever happens on your first marathon, be sure to enjoy it!


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