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Travelling, Running, Inspiring, People – T.R.I.P.

Travelling, running, inspiring, people.

Since i started running only a short while ago, i believe i have now found my mission in life. I may be 55 and very soon 56, so it may sound a bit late in life, but better late than never, eh?

All i want to do in life now is to continue to travel the world, running marathons and inspire people to be the best they can be.

Sounds simple?

Since my first marathon VLOG, it was then that i realised what an amazing positive impact i have on peoples lives. Whether they be runners, or non-runners.

In the past 20 months of running, my races, the training, the people, the travel, i have learnt so much about life and want to share that with as many people as possible.

I want your help?

I want to inspire 1 million people to come run with me between now and when i take part in this years New York City Marathon.

New York Marathon will be my first ever Marathon Major and is a seriously big deal for me. THE biggest Major in the world with 50,000 runners. So what better way of celebrating running this marathon than also knowing that we inspired 1 million people to join in with me also and be virtually running New York Marathon with me!

Want to join in?

Tweet/message me on Instagram or Twitter @RunGuruRun or Like my Facebook page.

Together, we can make the world a better place!


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Headphones or no headphones?

Since i have been running, i have never ran with headphones.

This has mainly started from a safety perspective as most of my training is in built up suburb areas, so i want to make sure i can hear everything around me to reduce risk of any accidents.

I have noticed both when i’m on my runs and on social media that many people do use headphones, so i posted on Social media the question of who runs with headphones and why?

The answers that came back were extremely varied.

The overriding answer was that headphones are worn to help motivate whilst running and helps them run at a certain pace.

Many answered saying they have the music on loud enough so they can’t hear themselves breathing, as hearing themselves panting, puts them off their running!

Maybe someone has already completed a full scientific review on the pros and cons of wearing headphones or not wearing headphones?

For me, i will continue to run sans headphones as i love to soak in the atmosphere and surroundings, especially on race days days. Hearing the crowds cheering you on is priceless!

Keeeeeep running!

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Born to Run

What a great song, Born to run.

We were born to run: nobody wins, unless everybody wins.

That is the intro Bruce Springstein gives for his song, Born to run, which you can enjoy in video below.

For me it is also a mantra for running. We can all win. It’s not about who comes first in a race, wins medals or gets new PB/PR.

It’s the taking part and the sheer joy of running.

That is why, we were born to run.

What are you waiting for?


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A special playlist for running – Madrid Half Marathon Training

Después de muchísimas tiradas largas a lo largo de estos meses empiezo a conocerme un poquito más. Veo que soy yo la que me pongo límites, y no mi cuerpo. Cuando salgo a correr y durante los primeros kilómetros voy pensando “no puedo, no voy a poder, no voy a ser capaz, estoy cansada, he comido mal” esos días son los que no soy capaz ni de correr más de 5km. Sin embargo los días en los que los primeros kilómetros voy pensando en otra cosa que no sea “running” esos días tengo el éxito asegurado ¿Por qué? La mente es la que mueve al cuerpo y si estamos mandando señales negativas, tus piernas no van a poder afrontar los siguientes kilómetros sin sufrir.

Ayer  iba corriendo y en vez de pensar en el running como tal iba pensando en una manera de solucionar esto. Porque el día que corra la media maratón, va a estar un poco difícil no pensar en ello y necesito encontrar la forma de pasármelo bien ese día. Pues allá va: he decidido crear una lista de reproducción con canciones de las personas más especiales de mi vida y a las que quiero y guardo un cariño especial. De esta manera, cuando esté sonando cada una de esas canciones iré pensando en momentos bonitos que he vivido con esa persona y cada kilometro que corra, cada paso que de, será por alguien que me quiere y al que quiero. Esa carrera no la correré sola, la correré con mi familia y con mis amigos, que los tendré en la cabeza metidos durante los 21 kilómetros de la prueba.

Es una gran idea ¿verdad? ¿Alguien más se anima a probarlo?

After many long training runs over the past few months I start to know myself a little more. I see that my mind is the main limit of my legs.  When I run and during the first few kilometers I think “I can not, I am not able to do it, I will not be able, I’m tired” Those  days are the ones that I can´t run more than 5 kilometers. However the days when during first few kilometers I think about something different than “running ” those days I have guaranteed success. Why? The mind moves the body and if you are sending negative signals , your legs will not be ready for the following kilometers without pain.

Last weekend I was running while I was thinking a way to solve this problem: my incapacity of let my negative mind out of this game. I need to find ways to have fun on the day of my first half marathon. Well here is my solution: I decided to create a playlist with songs of the most special people in my life. Thus, when it is ringing each song, I’ll think about beautiful moments I’ve lived with that person and every kilometer runned, every step, will be for someone who loves me and whom I love. I wont run that race alone, I’ll run with my family and with my special friends, during the 21 kilometers of the race.

It is a great idea, don’t you think? Is anybody else going to try it?

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It’s all in the mind

We often hear the phrase, “it’s all in the mind”, but what does it all mean?

A colleague of mine told me at the weekend he went out for a 10k run and completed it in around 56 minutes, which may not sound amazing to regular runners, but to a non-runner, which he is, this is an amazing time.

I asked him because he hadn’t been running in a long time and also, in his own words he used to be a little fatty, he believes anyone with any reasonable level of fitness can run a 10k in under an hour.

I asked him, how can that be? As many regular runners i know aspire to run a 10k in under an hour.

He told me, “it’s all in the mind. If you believe you can, you can”. He’s not paid as a motivational speaker, he just goes out and does it.

My first 10k which i ran back in July 2015, i completed in 55 minutes. My last 10k i ran in December 2015 i completed in 44 minutes.

In the words of a famous sports brand. Just do it!


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My first big goal – Madrid Half Marathon 2016

Mi nombre es Lucía, tengo 29 años y este año me he propuesto correr mi primera media maratón. Llevo corriendo ya varios años y este es mi primer gran objetivo. Por supuesto también he pasado por mis primeros 5k y mis primeros 10k y hasta he llegado a hacer un trail, que por cierto fue mi primera carrera oficial J. Me estrenaré el 3 de abril, corriendo la Media Maratón de Madrid edición 2016.

Nadie  de mi entorno hubiera podido imaginarme corriendo, ni si quiera, un kilómetro seguido. El deporte nunca ha sido lo mío. Empecé a correr por lo típico que empiezan a correr la mayoría de las mujeres  (quitarme un par de kilos) y me enganchó cuando empecé a ver que era capaz de ir superándome carrera a carrera.  Cuento esto porque soy una chica corriente a la que nunca se le ha dado bien el deporte y esto demuestra que cualquier persona, tenga la forma física que tenga, puede llegar a hacerse “runner”. Además no se necesita de material deportivo caro y se puede practicar en cualquier sitio.

Durante estos meses de espera, voy a ir compartiendo con vosotros, en My Run Guru, mis sensaciones, trucos, miedos y todo lo que vaya aprendiendo de mis entrenamientos y de la gente que me rodea que también es aficionada a este deporte. Si consigo que al menos a una persona le entren ganas de iniciarse en este mundillo, será un éxito para mi mis intervenciones en este blog.

¡Qué tengáis buena semana!

My name is Lucia, I am 29 years and this year I’m planning to run my first half marathon. I’ve been already running several years and this is my first big goal. Of course I have also gone through my first 5k and 10k and I also have run a trail, which was my first official race Cara sonriente (blanco y negro). My debut will be on April 3rd,: I’ll be running the Madrid Official Half Marathon, 2016 Edition.

No one around me could imagine I could run even a kilometer. The sport has never been my thing. I started running to take off a couple of kg (very typical in women) and I was hooked when I began to see that I was getting better race by race. I am telling you this because I am an ordinary girl who has never been good at sports and this shows that any person, no matter his or her physical condition, can become a “runner”. In addition, there is no need of an expensive equipment and you can run anywhere you want.

During these months, I’m going to share with you in My Run Guru my feelings, tips, fears and everything I learn from my workouts and the people around me who are also sports enthusiasts. If I can get at least one person to become interested in running, this blog will be a success for me.

Have a nice week!

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Week One – London Marathon Training


Getting out of bed and getting my gym gear is on is by far the hardest part of my work out. Especially as the mornings are so dark and cold.

Nonetheless, if I don’t get out and train I know I’ll end up regretting it in April. I’m already part of a gym called Fusion Fitness where I can take classes to work my core strength, boxing and various boot camps. I love the variety of these classes and the family – like feel keeps me motivated.

However the running this week wasn’t as much fun. I decided to keep it slow and simple; three miles around the block.

I’ve not really done much running since the half marathon and oh my gosh it was toughgetting back into it.

I started off too fast and ended up needing to walk after five minutes, I wore the wrong clothes and ended up feeling hot and bothered and like a noob I didn’t grip my hair back so the wind kept it constantly in my face!

And then halfway through my runs it always rained even if it wasn’t forecast to! What gives?! 

The smile in the photo below is absolutely fake! 

But at least I competed week one of my training… I probably should have done more runs than workouts but at least it’s a start.

On a side note… Treadmill running sucks. Like really sucks! It was the most soulless running experience of my entire life and I somehow ended up deleting all my music halfway through the run.

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Welcome to My Run Guru

Welcome to My Run Guru!

What is My Run Guru all about and what we seek to achieve can be answered quite simply.

My name is Donato aka The Reluctant Guru and i started running in June 2015, to help inspire others to be more active.

I have never been an athlete of any sort at any stage in my life. In fact, at school i was so bad at all sports, that when the option to elect not to do sports, i chose horticulture in a greenhouse instead, just to keep away from sports activities!

But during my short running journey when i started in June, there has already been many highs, and i have learnt a lot from other runners of all different levels.

I want My Run Guru to be a Community to help people get started in running and for those who have already begun, a place where you can improve and socialise.

If you want to join in and help spread the word and/or share some of your knowledge, feel free to get in touch with us via Twitter or Facebook.

I look forward to hearing your story.

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