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A new 10k world record!

Mo Farah may be current European, World and Olympic 10k Gold medallist, but it’s time to look at this distance from a new perspective…

After completing my first marathon in April, I have been keeping my body ticking over with some regular training runs and a couple of races.

One of those races was the London 10000 on the day before my birthday.

As it was a short 10k run for me, I thought I would do something different to spice it up, make it more of a challenge for me and also raise some more money for charity.

So I decided to run in the Cancer Research shoe, aka Shoe Barker!

Rachel Speight-McGregor

Rachel Speight-McGregor

Above is a picture of an amazing lady who I met at the Manchester 10k, and has raised tens of thousands of pounds running in this shoe.

The London 10000 is a fabulous race around the best parts of London that you would see during London marathon without having to run the full 42km marathon!

As you can imagine, being dressed as a shoe, gets you lots of attention. The support during the race was amazing as you will see from the VLOG below. I also got to meet some amazing people, some whom had ran in the shoe before and one guy getting a record for 10k of 59:59. I thought it would be amazing if I could also run the distance in under an hour, but had no idea what to do as I had only tried the shoe on once for size and never walked in it before, never mind running!

Somehow I managed to come in with a time of 52:33, which is a new unofficial world record in the shoe. Apparently Guinness Book of records do not recognise 10k as a long enough race to record. Hence unofficial record.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me during my amazing marathon journey and beyond! You can still sponsor me here>>

Hope you enjoy my VLOG of the race below and Subscribe and share it amongst your friends and family!

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